Our mission at Genesis Marketing Corporation is to cultivate mutually beneficial
relationships between our clients and our team, providing consistent results
and transparent growth opportunities.
Brand Awareness
Providing a positive experience for our clients in order to increase recognition and simultaneously educate consumers in the energy industry.

We believe that our customers deserve a friendly and informative relationship-based approach to consulting. An informed consumer equals a happy consumer!

Scalable Results
Bringing a performance based guarantee through decades of our team's experience and a systematic approach to driving expansion.
Our business model, centered around ideals of merit and organic growth, is brought about by a dedication to delivering top quality results to your brand.
Global Expansion
Developing our consultants from an entry level position to management position in order to meet and exceed the ambitious nature of our clients' goals.
Through systematic, interactive training and data research platforms, we offer clients the opportunity for exponential growth both nationally and internationally.




Welcome to the world of
Genesis Marketing Corporation

We are a firm that celebrates excellence and we are proud of our problem-solving ability and the results that we deliver. We are a diverse, professional, tenacious team in tune with the pulse of Chicago. For those elite individuals that work for Genesis, we offer the following:

  • Team oriented culture based on the unique perspective of a multi-national organization.

  • Competitive environment designed to consistently challenge our consultants.

  • Friendly, fast-paced atmosphere that rewards work ethic and integrity.

Visionaries of Genesis.

“I’m impressed with the people of Chicago. Hollywood is hype, New York is talk and Chicago is work.” – Michael Douglas

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Steven John
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Riti Kanwar
Director of Human Resources
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Kaspar Skusenas
Senior Corporate Trainer
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William Bonaparte
Senior Corporate Trainer

Maximizing the platform
of the evolving energy industry

Genesis Marketing Corporation has proven success with many of the largest energy clients in the world. The services we provide demand the highest level of integrity. Each individual we choose to work with brings fresh perspective and allows us to open our minds to broader opportunities.
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New Target Markets this Year
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Cups of Coffee Consumed
we're fanatics!
Happy Customers To Date
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Doing a common thing
uncommonly well
brings success.

– Henry John Heinz


Catch Us If You Can…


``Our success has really been based on partnerships from the very beginning`` - Bill Gates

Our Launching Pad: Genesis's Past
A Look Back

We entered the energy industry with over 50 years of combined experience and cultivated relationships with over 60 global energy suppliers. Our goal was to build a large network of managers servicing clients all over the world. We launched this endeavor with the financial stability provided by a substantial investment team committed to our vision.

Genesis Today: Our Current Reality
A Look Inside

Since our inception, we’ve opened nine new locations within the United States. With over 90 team members, we continue to hold ourselves accountable to the promise of growth both personally and professionally. We believe that effective management skills are developed through the ability to learn from the experiences, challenges and day to day rigor of account management. Stable growth comes from the ground up.

A Look Forward: The Future of Genesis
International Growth

Through the tireless pursuit of excellence from our talented team of consultants, allies and managers, our mission is to span the continents, providing light and opportunity to the masses. We dream big, so we achieve big. Like the cycles of the moon, our growth at Genesis Marketing Corporation is constant and reoccuring, quarter after quarter.


Join The Legacy



Whether you’re a current client or prospective, existing team
member or future, we welcome you to a progressive company.

Address: 1223 Circle Ave, Forest Park, IL 60130

Phone: (773) 213-7351

Email: contact@exploregenesis.com